August 21, 2018 - 3:32pm -- uhlenbrock.9

2018 OSUE Summer Intern Aliyah Abdullah

Ohio State University Extension Clermont County was proud to partner with Easterseals in the Clermont Career Connection's Summer Employment program.  Ninety-eight Clermont County youth were employed for nine weeks with 14 employment partners at 24 different work sites.

In addition to their employment tenure, participants attended off-site, bi-weekly training through the LOOK to Ohio Summer Leadership Program facilitated by OSU Extension Clermont County.  LOOK (Leadership Opportunities for Organizational Knowledge) is a teen leadership and workforce preparation program developed to meet the demand to prepare teens for leadership today and into the future.  Training covered topics such as identification of personality characteristics, career pathway research, resume writing, practicing personal communication skills and dining etiquette, helping ensure youth learned soft skills in addition to job skills.

The youth development program concluded with a half-day financial literacy simulation and awards ceremony to recognize participants' success. Congratulations graduates!  Of those completing the program, two will join our military, five will matriculate to post-secondary institutions and two will enroll in vocational training programs.  The others will return to their high school classrooms this fall.

Ohio State University Extension Clermont County was pleased to host Aliyah Abdullah as their summer intern.  Aliyah worked alongside the staff in preparation of fair activities and events, programming and general office tasks.  Thank you, Aliyah!