February 22, 2018 - 10:48am -- uhlenbrock.9

The SNAP-Ed department of the OSU Extension in Clermont County has partnered with Mercyworks Food Pantry at Rivertree Church. At the pantry, participants are served a warm meal before they are given the opportunity to visit the pantry. After dinner and their pantry visit, they meet with SNAP-Ed assistants for nutrition and food education.

The pantry provides an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.  SNAP-Ed program assistants coordinate with the pantry and build class lessons around food items that will be distributed each week.  The week participants received bananas, oranges and apples along with the staple foods, SNAP-Ed program assistants provided nutrition and food education on Breakfast Splits. Everyone joined in to help prepare the tasty treat and the youth were especially excited to help! This past week the participants received red potatoes. The SNAP-Ed program assistants focused their education on roasted vegetables and everyone made roasted red potatoes.  The technique was also taught with roasted brussel sprouts and roasted beets! Even the kids tried beets, which was exciting!

Each week SNAP-Ed program assistants will teach a new lesson on topics such as; MyPlate, Fruits & Vegetables, Proteins, Dairy and Grains. They are looking forward to the weeks to come with this program!