April 25, 2018 - 9:57am -- uhlenbrock.9

This school year, fourteen juniors and seniors from Clermont County schools met one day each month to develop their leadership skills, learn more about the county and meet with community leaders. During the course of the LOOK to Clermont program, they also worked on two projects to benefit their schools and communities. OSU Extension Clermont County and University of Cincinnati Clermont College are proud to collaborate on this program and offer college credit for it. The LOOK to Clermont program is focused around three pillars: place-based education, leadership development and service learning. With many years of success, the program continues to live by the motto, “Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”. LOOK to Clermont is a college credit plus youth leadership program for Clermont County high school juniors and seniors.  


Congratulations to the 2017-2018 LOOK to Clermont class: Avery Amundson (Goshen), Tristan Collins (Loveland), Peyton Fisher (Williamsburg), Sarah Francis (CNE/Homeschool), Rachel Gastrich (New Richmond), Colton Geary (Goshen), Bethany Gilkison (Live Oaks), Jared Hamilton (Felicity), Micah Hicks (Loveland), Alexander Mason (Loveland), Melanie Matheney (New Richmond), Reagan Papadatos (Bethel), Kaitlyn Sharp (Felicity), Lauren Smith (Goshen).


As their culminating service learning project, the class as a whole used their leadership talents to ignite “sparks”. The LOOK to Clermont leaders worked with the afterschool students at Clermont County YMCA, helping them explore their interests and passions.  On the day of their commencement, the LOOK graduates presented to the Life Long Learning committee from Connect Clermont on their experience in working with the YMCA youth, and how having a "spark" influences developmental and academic success.


LOOK to Clermont provides leadership opportunities, instills a life-long commitment to service learning in the community, teaches the history of Clermont County and assists the region in the retention of youth talent. Registrations are being accepted for the LOOK 2018-19 class.  For more information contact OSU Extension – Clermont County at 513-732-7070.