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May 26, 2021 - 11:26am --

If you missed the 2021 Southwest Ohio Perennial School, you're in luck! By clicking on the links below you can watch the sessions from the 2021 Virtual Perennial School.

Pick one or two, or grab a snack and binge watch them all. Hopefully, we can meet in person next year.

Session 1

"Filling in the Blanks with Colorful Annuals"  with  Pam Bennett, OSU Extension Clark County - As a perennial gardener, you know at times, your perennial bed lacks massive color. In between blooming seasons, while plants are getting established and other times, annuals can offer that extra WOW to your beds. In this session you can learn about low maintenance annuals that give color all season long.

Session 2

"Bad@$$ Trees for Poor Places"  with Scott Beuerlein, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden - Originally titled "Good Trees for Bad Places", it was determined by a committee of sobriety-challenged but internationally renowned horticulturists that it needed an upgrade. The trees in this talk are survivors. They laugh at incorrect planting technique, mulch volcanoes, bad pruning cuts and other poor maintenance practices. They embrace poor soil, and they spit at drought. Some of the usual suspects but some you probably won't know. Enjoy this romp through trees so onery they'll resist the very worst that nature can hurl at them and be there to shade your children's children.



Session 3

"Spot this - Report It" with Amy Stone, OSU Extension Lucas County - The spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect that should be on everyone's radar in Ohio. This session will cover basic information that will empower gardeners to do some scouting in their own landscapes for this sap sucking plant hopper. The nymphs have a much wider host range than the adult, and you may just have those plants that you can monitor and help us "spot the spot" before populations build and their activity could be extensive. There will also be discussion about how this insect is moving and get you thinking about the modes of transportation that might just be the avenue to your garden or community. In addition, cicada, cicada, cicada will be discussed for the 17-year brood emergence this year.



Session 4

"Connect The Dots . . . 2021"  with Joe Boggs, OSU Extension Hamilton County - Integrated Pest Management has always been a way to help improve your vegetable and flower gardens, as well as orchards and more. Learn new ideas and practices from this 2021 version for how flowering plant diversity in landscapes reduces the need to use insecticides.