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All Animal Leases due for the Clermont County Junior Fair

Saturday, May 13, 2023 (All day)

Clermont County Junior Fair Animal Leasing Information


4-H and FFA Dairy and Breeding Animal Leasing Guidelines

These leases are required to be in place 60 days prior to exhibition and go until the completion of the project for 4-H and FFA. Clermont County leases are due by the 2nd Saturday in May during livestock tag-in or to the Extension Office. These leases outline rules for both the lessee and lessor as well as asking for animal description. These lease agreements are required at minimum; however, counties can add to them (i.e., vet contact info, transportation agreement, etc.).


Leasing Statement as approved 2022

An animal cannot be leased to more than one youth per project year and may only be exhibited by the lessee in any junior exhibition, including at the Ohio State Fair.

*You may refer to this as the 1-1-1 rule which means one exhibitor, one animal, one county.

The verbiage on the lease agreement is required at a minimum. The verbiage/leasing rules were drafted by Ohio 4-H specifically through Elizabeth Share, MS (Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development Livestock and Food Animal Programs) and approved by ODA.


As a reminder: Leasing MARKET animals for youth exhibition projects is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

Sample Dairy Lease Form

Sample Breeding Animal Lease Form

Sample Horse Lease Form

ALL Leases are due by MAY 13TH!!!