County Staff

Clermont County Office Staff: Front row, left to right: Brandy Uhlenbrock, Program Assistant; Gigi Neal, Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator; Becky Fiscus, SNAP-Ed Program Assistant; Kelly Royalty, 4-H Youth Development Educator and County Director; Back row, left to right: Pam Clark, Office Associate; Danielle Combs, SNAP-Ed Program Assistant; Mona Glover, SNAP-Ed Program Assistant; Margaret Jenkins, FCS Educator;

Name Contact
Pam Clark
Office Associate
513-732-7070, ext. 101
Becky Fiscus
SNAP-Ed Program Assistant
513-732-7070 ext. 104
Mona Glover
SNAP-Ed Program Assistant and Family & Consumer Sciences Program Assistant
513-732-7070, ext. 105
Margaret Jenkins
Family & Consumer Sciences Educator
513-732-7070, ext. 103
Gigi Neal
Agriculture & Natural Resources Educator
513-732-7070, ext. 102
Kelly Royalty
4-H Youth Development Educator
513-732-7070, ext. 106
Brandy Uhlenbrock
Family & Consumer Sciences, Agriculture & Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Development Program Assistant
513-732-7070 ext. 107